How to pour a cocktail

In most bars, bartenders free pour, when measuring amount of spirit when making a mixed cocktail. Free pouring looks amazing and is often very entertaining to watch. It is often faster and more efficient than other methods and anyone with a decent coordination skill can learn to free pour with a little practice - even you. So impress your friends and be the life of the next cocktail party by learning to pour cocktails correctly.

  1. Get your spirit open and add a pour spout.
    girl putting a pour spout on a spirit bottle
    These come in different sizes and materials. It is important that the pour spout fit firmly on the bottle, otherwise spillage might occur.
  2. Grab the spirit bottle firmly by the neck, with your index finger over the base tightly securing the base of the pour spout. girl grabbing the neck of the bottle keeping index finger on pouring spout
  3. Lift the bottle and in one fluid motion, tilt the bottle over and pour in to your cup/glass/shaker etc. then tilt back and place it on the table. girl lifting, turning and pouring drink with cocktail spout
    It is important to pour directly by doing the full motion in one to get an even flow. Remember to count while pouring to know how much you have poured.
  4. The best way to practice is to setup a row of shot glasses and try to free pour water into them.
    girl free pouring six shot glasses
    The first glasses might go wrong, but we promise you that when you are finished with glass number 10, you will have it.