How to make Orange Double Twist

Unlike many other garnishing this one does not go in the cocktail, but simply works as a decoration on cocktail tray or table. The garnish is a bit advanced to cut, but do not worry. Just follow our simple guide and with a few tries you’ll make the perfect one for your next cocktail party.

  • Get an orange and cut it into half.
  • Cut halfway through your half-orange. Aim for about 5 mm in.
  • Cut through the orange. You again want to aim for about 5 mm further in.
  • Cut in to the orange from the bottom, make sure only to go halfway through.
  • You should end up with an orange looking like this. Now twist it slowly
  • Twist the half piece you just cut and insert it into the first cut you made. It will only fit one place.
  • Well done! Now doesn’t that look great?