Cocktails with Tequila

famous tequila brandsTequila is a distilled beverage created mainly from blue agave. It’s produced primarily in the surroundings of the city Tequila, which is located northwest from Guadalajara and in Los Altos part of the west Mexican state Jalisco. Producing in these arrears is optimal due to the red volcanic soil, which is perfect for the blue agave plant. The Mexican law forbids production anywhere else and Mexico is the sole owner of the trademark “tequila”, which is why this amazing spirit cannot be produced anywhere else. The alcohol percentage of tequila is usually around 40 percent, however it can vary from 35 to 55 percent. The tequila is often distillated to around 50% and the cheaper brands are mixed with water while the more expensive brands are distillated to about 40% without any addition of water. This makes the spirit taste a bit stronger and sharper.

Tequila is usually divided into two types: The 100% agave and the ones that are not, called mixtos, which is at least 51% agave.

They can further be divided in to 5 categories: 1, Blanco (“white”) or 2, plata (“silver”): white spirits, non-aged and bottled or stored immediately after distillation, or aged less than two months in barrels of stainless steel or neutral oak barrels. 3, Reposado (“rested”): aged for at least two months but less than one year in oak barrels of various sizes. 4, Añejo (“aged” or “vintage”): aged at least one year but less than three years in small oak barrels. 5, Extra añejo (“extra aged” or “ultra-aged”): aged at least three years in oak barrels. This type occurred the first time in March 2006. More than 1.000 tequila brands exist. Some of the most famous are:

Most famous Tequila Brands:

  • Don Julio
  • Patron
  • 1800 Tequila
  • Cabo Wabo
  • Herraduro
  • Corralejo
  • Tres Generationes
  • Sierra
  • Milagro
  • Tres Agaves
  • Fortaleza
  • Casa Noble
  • Siete Leguas
  • Tequila Tapatio
  • Herradura
  • Casa Dragones
  • Astral
  • Ocho
  • Gran Patrón Platinum
  • 123 Organic Tequila (Uno Dos Tres)
  • Siembra Azul
  • Don Julio 1942
  • Milagro Select Barrel Reserve
  • Qui
  • Pueblo Viejo
  • Kah
  • Casamigos Blanco
  • Cuervo Reserva de la Familia