Rum and coke

The rum and coke is a well-known classic and a drink all bartenders should know how to make. It’s very easy to make and something almost everyone enjoys. What is so great about this drink is that it can be made in many variations and price ranges. From the cheap rum enjoyed in college bars or at weddings, to the finer rum mixed with only the best coca cola - the rum and coke got it all.

If you like the taste of rum and are looking for a refreshment or a good warm up drink for your next party this is the one you are looking for. We recommend that you use your favorite rum, whether that is a light, gold, or spiced rum. Each rum got its own unique taste so be sure to test a few different ones before deciding on your favorite. By no means buy the premixed Captain Morgan and coke – mixing your own will always be better!

The cheaper rums like Bacardi gold taste a bit more alcoholic and add bitterness to the cocktail, while the more expensive darker rums like Mount Gay Extra Old got a stronger taste of rum and coconut. Our personal favorite is the Zaya. The vanilla taste just adds freshness - some might even say “a breeze of summer” to the drink like no other rum. It makes this popular college drink a delicious cocktail. However if you are going for a rum and coke with a bit of kick, use the spiced Captain Morgan like we do below. Don’t be afraid to try different cokes as well, some like the cherry, while others go with the vanilla.


  • 5 cl Rum
  • 12 cl Coca cola
  • Ice
  • Highball or Balloon glass


  1. Put lots of ice or crushed ice in to your highball glass.
  2. Pour in the Rum - remember that you can always add more
  3. Pour in the coke
  4. Taste your drink and enjoy it nice and cold


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