Mojito cocktail recipe

The Mojito cocktail is the ultimate summer drink with its refreshing hit of mint and lime. Nothing could be more perfect than this tasty beverage on a hot summer night. So whether you are hosting a barbecue or are just hanging out with your friends, a Mojito serves as the perfect drink. A tasty Mojito is simple to make and if you follow our simple tips you'll impress your friends, leaving them wanting more.

The original Mojito comes from Cuba and it's usually made with a blend of rum, mint, lime, sugar and carbonated water (Soda). The drink is alongside the Daiquiri and the Cuba Libre, one of the holy trinity of Cuban cocktails. The fresh mint leaves and freshly squeezed lime juice gives the drink a lot of flavor and the use of fresh ingredients, is what makes this an essential summer drink, which can best be described as a one-way salsa dance into the Caribbean night life.

To make a good cocktail, it is important that you use the right ingredients. We recommend that you use fresh mint leaves and ripe lime fruit. An easy way to check if your lime is ripened is by running your finger over the skin to feel its texture. The surface of ripe limes is smooth instead of rough. Wrinkled, rough skin often indicates that the fruit is dry. When choosing rum, go for the spiced Captain Morgan over the famous Bacardi Rum. If you want to give the drink a little extra, use golden sugar or cane syrup instead of normal sugar.


  • 4.00 cl spiced rum (Captain Morgan Spiced Gold)
  • 3.00 cl fresh lime juice
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar (About 1.00 cl)
  • 6 leaves of Mint (Depending size of mint and drink)
  • Soda Water
A small notion on this recipe, is that you have to be ready to adjust it on the go, depending on the tartness of your lime fruit, the strength of the mint, and the robustness of the rum. A lighter rum will make the drink more refreshing and demand little of you, while an aged rum require you to change the ratio of mint and lime, but create a much better cocktail. Don't be afraid to test different variations.


  1. Rub all your lime fruit to get extra taste out of them.
  2. Clap the mint in your palms or on a chopping board to releases the aromas.
  3. Place most of the mint leaves at the bottom of a tall/high-ball glass.
  4. Cut your lime fruit into wedges and add them to the glass.
  5. Add the 2 teaspoons of sugar (we used the Portuguese açúcar amarelo)
  6. Muddle gently to release the lime juices and oils from the mint and helps the sugar dissolve into the lime juice.
  7. Fill glass 2/3 with cracked ice.
  8. Pour in the rum and soda water (Tonic water can be used as substitute)
  9. Stir everything together well and top with further crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig.
    You just made a tasty Mojito - enjoy it!


The Mojito is one of Cuba’s oldest cocktails. The drink has a disputed history, as some claim it was developed in the early 1500’s, when the famous explorer Sir Francis Drake landed in the city of Havana and unsuccessfully tried to steal the city's gold reserves. It was nevertheless not Sir Francis Drake who created the drink, but one of his close associates Richard Drake. His early version went under the name “El Draque” and was made with aguardiente ( a crude form of rum,) sugar, lime, and mint.
Others claim that the drink was invented by African slaves working in the Cuban sugar cane fields, who named the drink Mojito from the African word “Mojo”, which means to place a little spell on someone. It was a time when the quality of rum was scary low and if you were a farmer with a bottle of this cheap rum, with a long night ahead of you, you would have used whatever mixer were at hand, to make it drinkable. This could be a squeeze of lime, some sugar-cane juice and a handful of mint - it would make the drink somewhat enjoyable and at least go down.

The drink gained its fame in the mid-1800’s when the Barcardi company promoted it heavily and it reached international stardom when the famous writer Ernest Hemingway became a renowned fan of it after a visit to the Cuban bar Lo Bodeguita del Media.
The Mojito made its way back to our minds, when it appeared in the James Bond movie die another day, in which Agent 007 uses the Mojito to seduce Jinx, who was played by the stunning Halle Berry.

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