Dark ‘n’ Stormy Cocktail recipe

After a long hot day of work at the office, nothing’s better than a Dark ‘N’ Stormy to kick off the night. The simple mixture of dark rum and ginger is all it takes to create this easy-drinking, refreshing classic cocktail from the nation of Bermuda. It’s a great drink in any weather and we guarantee that the taste of tropics will remind you of a summer day in the Caribbean.

The Dark ‘n’ stormy taste like a drinkable version of a gingerbread cookie, but in a good way. The dark rum make you feel warm inside, and the ginger leaves an aftertaste whiskey fan will enjoy. It’s very easy to drink and some might consider it to be a girly drink, but then again, old Bermudan-men down these all the time.

The cocktail itself has evolved a bit over time and today some bartenders and drink enthusiasts add a bit of lime juice to it. The addition of citrus is a bit unnecessary and can be overbearing taste wise, due to the simple structure of the cocktail. A lime garnish on the other hand is entirely optional.

We recommend following the classic recipe, in which Gosling’s Black Seal rum is used. However, if you cannot get your fingers on this, feel free to substitute it with different dark rum such as Myers’s or even the popular spiced Captain Morgan’s rum. However, do not cheat yourself for trying a Dark ‘n’ stormy with the real Gosling Rum.

The Gosling’s rum is very different as it is made from both pot stills and continuous stills. It’s aged in charred American oak barrels, which gives it a dark, syrupy and smoky rum taste like no other. The original production recipe dates back to 1806 where it was labeled "Old Rum". The “black seal” part of the name, caught on due to the bottles being dipped in black wax for sealing.

When choosing Ginger beer, go for something that suits your taste. We fancy those with a nice note of sweet and a good kick of ginger in the end.


  • 6.00 cl Gosling’s Black Seal rum (Dark rum)
  • 10.00 cl Jamacian Ginger Beer
  • Ice
  • Highball glass


  1. The Dark'n'stormy is very easy to make. Get your glass and add the Rum
    (We didn't have Gosling's at hand so we used Morgan's). Pouring captain morgan rum Some like it cold with ice, however we prefer the full taste experience
  2. Pour in the Ginger Beer Pouring ginger beer
  3. That's it. Enjoy a very tasty drink. If you have a lime wedge, add it as garnish.
Some Bartenders like to start with a glass of ice, then add the Ginger Beer (The stormy part) and then floats the rum on top (the dark part). A very cool effect, however leaving the drinker to mix/stir the drink themselves.
Dark and stormy drink, with floating black rum


As with almost all rum cocktail’s history, the story of the Dark ‘n’ Stormy comes from the seven seas and the British Royal Navy allocation of rum ratios in the 1800’s. At that point in time, the source of rum varied depending on the nearest harbor in the Caribbean sea, such as the islands of Bermuda. On long journeys across the sea, ginger beer was used in replacement of water, as it could keep for longer. As the quality of rum could be a bit sketchy, sailors often mixed it with ginger to disguise the bad taste.

In the late 1860’s the Gosling Brothers began marketing its old rum, which later became the Gosling’s Black Seal rum we know today. According to the Gosling company the cocktails was born in Bermuda, where someone at a nearby ginger beer factory close to the Royal Naval Officer’s Club, mixed the old rum with the local brew. This could be the reason why some claim that the traditional ginger beer used in the cocktail is the local Barritt’s. Nevertheless, the Gosling company recently started marketing their own brand of ginger beer calling it the original ginger beer for the Dark ‘n’ stormy.

The name of this tasty dink is said to be inspired by an old sailor holding up the dark-cloud-in-a-glass beverage, remarked that it resembled a " colour of a cloud only a fool or a deadman would sail under.” It’s certainly a romantic tale, but most probably a case of good marketing from the Gosling’s company’s side.

Dark n stormy cocktail
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