Cuba Libre Cocktail

The classic Cuba Libre cocktail is an improved version of the well-known Rum & Coke. The added dash of lime juice lightens up the drink and cuts the sweetness of the cola and brings out the flavors of the base rum, providing a sour-sweet mix that defines the famous Cuba Libre. It’s refreshing and everything a good simple cocktail should be.

It’s the great balance of caramel taste from the rum and the sweet taste of the coke, brought perfectly together with the sourness of the lime that makes this a summer must-try and not to forget the national drink when Cuba celebrates their independence.

Even though the drink technically only consists of two ingredients, there are many different opinions on what kind of rum and coke should be used. We recommend that you try different versions as it depends a lot on whether you like the smooth flavor of light rum, a more tacky taste from the spiced rum or a more pronounced taste of the darker rum.

Many drink-enthusiasts prefer light rum since it mixes more easily and swear that the dark full-bodied rum should only be enjoyed on its own. Most people enjoy the Havana Club or the Bacardi Gold rum as they add a rich, mellow flavor to the cocktail, however we recommend that you give the spiced captain morgan a chance.

When it comes to choosing the right coke, we recommend that you go for the easy choice of Coca Cola. Some might argue that cuba colas such as the much sweet Tu Kola are true to the original recipe, however it can be very difficult to get your hands on those. If you like the extra sweetness try substituting lime for orange or even add a bit of cointreau.


  • 5 cl Dark Rum or Light Rum
  • 1 cl Fresh Lime/Lemon juice
  • 10 cl Cola
  • Ice
  • Spoon
  • Highball or Balloon glass


  1. Put ice/crushed ice in to your highball glass and leave it for later
  2. Pour your choice of Rum into a mixing glass
  3. Get your fresh lime fruit and roll it against the cutting board to get our the extra flavor and aromas
  4. Cut the lime fruit into wedges
  5. Squeeze the lime fruit wedges and drop the in the mixing glass
  6. Gently pour in the cola
  7. Slowly stir the drink and add it to the highball glass.
  8. Well done. Give it a taste!


The drink is more than 110 years old. It has been one of the most popular drinks over time, mostly due to its balance between sour and sweet taste, and the fact that it’s cheap to make. It is still an extremely popular drink in many parts of the world, and it obviously has its origin in Cuba. It was allegedly created during the end of the Spanish American war in the year 1898. The real history behind the drink is unknown and multiple alcohol brands claim to have invented the drink. Fact is that the name means “Free cube” and among some it’s referred to as “Mentirita”, which means a “little lie”.

Big picture of the Classic Cuba libre cocktail
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