Martini Cocktail recipe

Feel like James Bond and enjoy the classic martini, shaken not stirred. The martini is iconic and very classy. Some refer to it, as the tailored suit of the cocktail world – something that will always remain timeless and be surrounded by class.

The martini spurred an entire movement and made drinking short drinks in fancy cocktail glasses something to strive for. Entire books have been written about it and its mystique. In reality, it’s quite simple. All you need is a fair amount of gin, with a splash of vermouth, and an olive fir garnishing.

Today the Martini cocktail is made in a variety of ways and the dryness often varies. Some like the ratio of gin to vermouth as 1 : 1, others like it a bit more dry and sweet 4 : 1 and some goes as long as only using gin in the cocktail or simply rubbing a finger of vermouth along the rim of the cocktail glass. We recommend that you try different variations until your find your favorite, which is why you’ll find 5 different versions below. You can also substitute gin with vodka, for a different twist and feel, with a drink called the Vodka Martini.

A good martini taste clean and dry and go down smooth. It’s a potent drink with an alcoholic bite of bitterness. The gin gives it a light herbal flavor and the vermouth gives it a little bit of tang. It is said that the better the martini, the cleaner and smoother it will go down.

As the drink only require a few ingredients, it important that you chose the very best available. We recommend that you go for a quality vermouth such as the Noilly Prat or a Lillet. When choosing Gin, go for something you like, we prefer Bombay Sapphire, while others go for Tanquerary, Beefeater or the iconic Plymouth, which has been associated with the cocktail for decades. Actually, the first ever recipe for the Dry Martini in 1896 highlighted the Plymouth as the recommended gin. On a site note, please do not use the “gins” with raspberries, chocolate, or anything involving butterscotch. If you are thinking; “James Bond used Vodka instead of gin”, then you are right, but that is a Vodka Martini.


The Classic Martini
  • 6.00 cl Gin
  • 3.00 cl Dry Vermouth
  • Ice
  • Cocktail glass
  • Olive for garnishing
The 50-50 Martini:
  • 5.00 cl Gin
  • 5.00 cl Dry Vermouth
The perfect martini:
  • 5.00 cl Gin
  • 2.50 cl Dry Vermouth
  • 2.50 cl Sweet Vermouth
The dry martini:
  • 9.00 cl Gin
  • Dash of Vermouth
Bone Dry or Desert Martini:
  • 9.00 cl Gin


  1. Put ice cubes into a mixing glass and pour the vermouth over the ice. Forget what James Bond said about “shaken” and stir it 6 times to take the edge off the alcohol and make the drink a bit rounder and smoother. A measurement cup of vermouth
  2. Get your gin from the freezer and pour it in. Bottle of bombay sapphire being poured
  3. Stir 16-18 times to combine the drink and get all the tasty flavors out in the drink. A mixer cup with martini getting mixed
  4. Fine strain into the chilled Martini cocktail glass. Martini getting fine strained
  5. Garnish with an olive: Taking a toothpick and push it through the olive. Green olive on a toothpick


Legend has it that the bartender, known under the name of the professor, Jerry Thomas invented the martino in 1888 in the first seminal cocktail manual The Bar-tenders manual. In his recipe the ratio of gin and vermouth was 50-50. Some believe that the Martini we know today evolved from the Martinez cocktail served at the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco. Others believe it was the italien vermouth maker Martini who started branding the cocktail, which could be why many ofther drinks today carried the martini suffix "-tini" such as the appletini, espresso martini etc.

Martini cocktail with olive
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