Tom Collins cocktail recipe

It’s one of those drinks that are so perfectly simple, that it's a mystery why so much has been done to the original recipe during the years. It is very tasty with a refreshing nature, which make it a perfect for once the winter months have passed. The lemon gives it a tart zing and the sugar syrup adds sweetness, while the Old Tom pulls back the sourness.

With the Old Tom Gin’s rebirth we are able to once again enjoy the classic cocktail Tom Collins, as it was originally conceived by legendary bartenders as Jerry Thomas. The Old Tom gin is fairly subtle as a taste in the background but does provide an extra depth to the experience of the flavor of this amazing drink.

During the last years, different versions of the Old Tom Gin have been launched. Hayman's, Jensen's, Ransom and Tranqueray are just some of the brands. Nevertheless other types Gin's can easily be used as long as the ratio of sugar syrup is moderated. We recommend using fresh lemon for extra taste and flavor and carbonated water instead of soda or tonic.


  • 4.50 cl Old Tom Gin
  • 3.00 cl Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1.50 cl Sugar syrup
  • 6 cl Carbonated water
  • Ice
  • Collins glass


  1. If you do not have sugar syrup, simple syrup will do just find. You make this by getting about 2 spoons of sugar and some water Glass with sugar and glass with water
  2. Mix it until the sugar is completely dissolved in the water Stirring sugar to make simple syrup
  3. Before adding fresh lemon juice, remember to rub it for extra taste. Lemon fruit getting rubbed on board
  4. Pour in the old tom gin (Other types of gin can be used) Bombay saphire gin poured in measurement cup
  5. Top of with carbonated water and some ice cubes Pouring of carbonated water
That's it, nice, clean and tasty - The Tom Collins is yours to enjoy!


Tom collins cocktail
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