Cocktails arranged by Spirits

Discover cocktails & drinks recipes you can mix from the ingredients you have in your home or bar.

Sometimes it seems like every cocktail has fifteen ingredients, three types of bitters, and a homemade infusion of fruits. But what's a home drinks-enthusiast to do, if you don't have a million different spirits at hand or 24 hours to create the perfect cocktail? It's simple, look here and find the right drink for your cocktail party or girls night in, sorted by main spirit / ingredient.

Cocktails with Gin

Gin has a beautiful, fragrant flavour & smell and mixed with certain sodas or juices can be a delightful drink.

Cocktails with Vodka

Vodka has a smooth taste. In mixed drinks, it's the addition of other ingredients that make the cocktail special. It comes in a varity of flavoured types.

Cocktails with Rum

Rum comes in many different types, some light, some spiced and others dark and gold. They go great in many different cocktails.

Cocktails with Martini

Martini is a mixed drink that tastes very clean & dry and goes down smooth. Martini comes in different varients.

Cocktails with Brandy

Brandy has a sweeter taste than whiskey and comes in various shades of brown, from light gold to deep mahogany.

Cocktails with Tequila

Tequila comes in three basic types: silver, reposado and anejo. It has a lot of kick and bite, but most tequilas have a slightly sweet taste at the end.

Cocktails with Whisky

Whiskies taste different depending on the type. Bourbons tend to be sweet and scotch whiskies have a huge range of flavors from sweet, heathery malt to smokey peat and iodine.

Shots / Shooters

A shot is a small amount of an alcoholic beverage typically served in a small glass known as a tumbler, and are often served in succession.

Cocktail by Theme

Nothing is more fun than themed cocktails. These can really bring some life to your party.