Pre-party cocktails - Easy cocktails and mixed drinks

Pre-partying, known as pre-gaming involves pre-drinking or pre-loading of alcohol. Some refer to it as "prinking", which is the process of getting tipsy or slightly drunk before going out and partying.

Pre-party drinks are just better

We have all been at that party, where the sound of Rihanna is playing so loud, you cannot talk with your friends and every hand gestures you try to make, end up looking like another awful dance move in the flashing light of the dance floor. You give up on making conversation and resign to the bar, where you wait in line, constantly getting overlooked by the crazy drunk bartender. When you finally get to order your favorite drink, you receive a very expensive poorly mixed cocktail, which basically consist of washed up tonicwater without bubbles and a cheap bitter gin - but you get ice, plenty of ice.

Forget it! Why not stay in for a few drinks first and get a chance to make actual conversation with your friends? Arrange a pre-party, get together and make delicious cocktails fitting your taste, with the right fresh ingredients before going out. And best of all, you save money and you might even spend less when you do go to the school dance, birthday party or the club on a Saturday night.

Browse our collection of the best pre-party drinks. They are easy to make and the alcohol level can easily be scaled to fit the occasion.

Disclaimer: We do know that a lot of students drink and spend too much money on nights out clubbing. That is why we recommend you to save money by pre-partying at home and encourage you to always drink responsibly!

Finally, remember that the presence of both people and alcohol in your private home, increases the risk of breakages and spills tenfold. Make sure that you keep all your valuables away from the crazy party people - recommendably a place where they cannot get broken or destroyed by moist glasses or throw up. If you cannot decrease the loss, increase the gain by asking your friends to bring some their own booze or mixers. If you're planning on throwing a fancy pants cocktail party, give everyone a designated ingredient or alternatively ask them to contribute with some cash. On an ending note, plastic cups are easy to clean, and fun to play beer pong with, AND a killer punch mix, with fresh fruit, can turn even the most awkward boring people in to fun loud talking party animals. Enjoy your cocktail party!