Celebration cocktails - Easy cocktails and mixed drinks

Cocktails are perfect for celebrations with family and friends. There's a cocktail for any occasion and you will find recipe you are looking for below. Whether you are throwing a birthday party, a wedding party or a just a regular party, there's bound to be cocktails involved. From the welcome drink, to the starter, main course and dessert - all in which a great drink, should be enjoyed. Go find your old cocktail shaker and head to the store for some spirits, mixers and other ingredients.

Celebration cocktails recipes with minimum of effort, but great results!

These cocktails do not take long to prepare and require only a few spirits and ingredients. We do however recommend that you test these recipes before serving them at your party. Also, find some inspiration for garnishing, as this is where a normal drink go from okay to super amazing.

Browse our collection of the celebration drinks. They are easy to make and size/amount can easily be scaled to fit the occasion, like the perfect new year's drink