Cocktail Shaker Guide

Shaking a cocktail with ice in a cocktail shaker allows the ingredients to chill, dilute slightly and mix well together, achieving the perfect combination of taste and consistency. This might be why the cocktail shaker is the most essential tool for making delicious drinks. Whether you want to shake a tasty Cosmopolitan or stir a clean classic Martini in the mixing-glass, your cocktail shaker is certainly going to be your most used piece of bar equipment.

Learn more about the history of the cocktail shaker Boston cocktail shakes in different designs and colors Selecting a new cocktail shaker can be overwhelming as many styles and designs are available. The first decision you have to make is choose between a two- and a three-piece cocktail shaker, where the main difference is the build-in strainer. The choice is largely down to personal preference and we recommend checking out reviews on amazon, ebay and the likes. But before you get started, read our short summary of the three most popular types of cocktail shakers available. Each has its own pros and cons which are described below.

The Boston Cocktail Shaker

Boston cocktail shaker in two pieces with tempered mixing glass and a large metal tumblerThe boston shaker is easy to recognize as it usually consists of two parts: A metal part and a glass part usually heat tempured. It's very easy to separate, both when hot and cold, as the metal and glass is affected differently by the temperature changes. All it takes is a firm grip and a little tap and the two parts separate. Some drinks do not require mixing but a simple stir. You don't want to stir a with a spoon in the fine cocktail glass, which is why the glass functions so well as a mixing glass. If you are working with color or consistency the mixing glass got a clear advantage that it's easy to see through. The disadvantages of the boston shaker is that it's rather large and it can be difficult for people to control, especially if you have small hands. But do not worry, learn how to shake a cocktail by following our simple guide!

  • Comes in many different price classes
  • Is easy to clean and open
  • Takes little space when storing.
  • Requires skill to control
  • The glass is breakable.
  • No strainer
Boston cocktail shakes in different designs and colors

The Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

Cobbler shaker in 3 pieces with large metal tumbler and a metal lid with build in strainerThe cobbler cocktail shaker is easy to recognize as it usually consists of three parts: The shaker, a strainer and a lid. The advantage of the shaker is, that when it's put probably together, it's very easy to control, shake and strain with, due to its build-in strainer. You don't have to fear getting ice chucks anywhere when pouring. The disadvantage of this shake is that it can be rather difficult to separate when it's cold. As the pieces typically consist of metal, they react to cold the same way, by shutting close due to low pressure vacuum. However, with some practice you manage to use this great shaker and you won't have to think of buying a strainer.

  • Available for purchase everywhere
  • Comes in many different shapes and designs
  • Easy to use
  • 3-in-1
  • Looks great.

  • Difficult to separate
  • Difficult to reuse as cleaning requires a bit more effort
  • Straining is slow as holes are small in comparison to a regular strainer
  • shaking of herbs and fruit can get messy, especially at cleanup.

The French Cocktail Shaker

Frech shaker in metal with led and large metal tumblerThe French shaker is a lot like the boston shaker as it consists of two parts. Some would call it the original cocktail shaker. It's however a bit more difficult to separate in comparison. It's a rather popular shaker, even though that it lags the build-in strainer of the cobbler shaker. It's nevertheless on of the loveliest looking shakers you will ever get your hands on, which might be difficult as acquiring one is rather difficult.

  • Looks amazing
  • Easy to use
  • Retro and classic style.
  • Difficult to purchase
  • No strainer
  • Difficult to separate.