Must-have cocktail equipment

...and good to have cocktail equiptment.

There are tons of different types of cocktail equiptment and bar accessories. From simple cocktail shakers and lime squeezers to advanced ice breaking machines. On this page you will find information on what barware you will need in order to start mixing cocktails, and other nice-to-own items.

cocktail startup kit with boston shaker, cocktail muddler, measurement cup and drink strainer

Startup kit

You don't need hundreds of tools to start making great cocktails. With a few key ones you'll be ready to create drinks like a pro-bartender.
boston cocktail shaker and red cherry drink

Cocktail Shakers

The cocktail shaker is the most essential tool one needs in order to make tasty cocktails. They come in many different types, sizes and shapes.
four different drinks in different cocktail glassses, a wine glass, a whiskey glass and a martini glass

Cocktail Glassware

There are many different types of drinking glasses. Each one has a different purpose and fits different drinks. The classic martini glass fits most cocktails and is by far the most popular.
different well-known cocktail spirits

Cocktail Spirits

With a few key spirits you'll be able to mix almost any drink. If you should be missing one, fear not, as we have collected a list of substitutes and even non-alcoholic replacements.
cocktail mixers of different juice, ice and lemon

Cocktail Mixers

Tonics, juices and sodas - not only do they add great color, they also add taste and sweet/bitterness

Homemade Cocktail Mixing

If you are low on money or just appreciate original and simple tools, then this is the how-to-make homemade tools section you are looking for.