Cocktail shaker history

The history of the cocktail shaker goes back further than you think! The first cocktail shaker can be traced back to 7000 Before Crist in South America where a jar gourd was used as a closed container to shake drinks. It’s true to say that the cocktail shaker is very old, even though archaeologist have yet to find a hieroglyphic list of cocktail recipes, we know that the ancient Egyptians used spices in the fermenting process to add flavor to their alcohol. It doesn’t resemble anything like the shaken cocktails we use today, but the idea of mixing was created.

Another example of this idea comes from the classical world is the Greek practice of mixing wine together with water, in a large earthenware-pot known as a krater.
We do know for a fact that King Carles V of Spain enjoyed drinking a certain mix of cacao, which was served frothy and foaming from a golden cylinder.

Some time at the end of the 19th century, the cocktail shaker as we know it came to be. It’s nearly impossible to point exactly to when it was created as the history vary a lot. The term “mixing drinks” was already well known in the mid 1800’s and it was achieved by basically pouring the beverage between two tumbler glasses held together.

The first know patent was taken December 24th in 1872, by William Harnett. The patent covers an apparatus for mixing 6 drinks at once. It sounds pretty impressive, but it was basically six shakers on a turntable. About 12 years later, E.J. Hauck patented the cocktail shaker as we know it today – a three-piece shaker with a built in strainer for the quickest and easiest use.

Timeline of the cocktail shaker:

  • 7000 BC people in South america use jar groud to shake drink
  • 3500 BC Acient egyptians add spices to fermented liquids to make them more paltable.
  • 1798 The cocktail is first references in Londons “The morning post” and Gezetter.
  • 1806 The “Cock-tail” is defined as a “stimulating liqour composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters” – vulgarly referred to as a “bittered sling”
  • 1862 Jerry London writes the first cocktail book called “How to mix drinks”
    • Jerry London first cocktail book called How to mix drinks
  • An innkeeper invents the fisr cocktail shaker to add showmanship to cocktail mixing.
  • 1870-1888 The first Manhatten, Martini and Tom collins are poured
  • 1921 Prohibitition & the 18th ammendment ban the sale, production and transportation of alcohol.
  • 1921-1933 as many as 100,000 speakeasies operate in New York City alone. These outlaw bartenders creates the Brandy Alexander, Southside and many more.
  • 1933 The prohibition is repealed and ushers in a golden age of cocktail and beverage showmanship
  • 1948 According to legend, a Dallas Socialite mixes the fist margarita
  • 1964 James bond orders his first martini: Shaken – not stirred, in the movie Goldfinger
    • James bond goldfinger cocktail martini
  • 1985 The bartender Cheryl Cook creates the first cosmopolitan
  • 1994 Zima sells 1.2 million barrels – making it the godfather of modern wine coolers.
  • 1998 Cult classics: The Big Lebowski launches the White Russian in to pop culture fame
    • the big lebowski white russian